Adventure Iran

Cycle from Shiraz to the Caspian Sea through Mountains and Desert by MTB

Explore the best attractions of Iran by Bicycle
Cycling through Shiraz, Isfahan, Kashan and Tehran
Visiting Iran’s main UNESCO sites
Iran’s Boutique hotels and caravanserai lodging
Kavir National Park and desert cycling
Experience of cycling in Iran deserts and mountains
Passing through Alborz and Zagros Mts. By mountain bike

On this journey we will cover an adventure cycling from Shiraz, where one day was the capital of the Persian Empire, towards the Caspian Sea. The distance on the between two cities is around 1200 km and we have around 500 km cycling. You will visit main attraction of Shiraz, Esfahan, Kashan and Tehran as well as small towns, villages, oases in the desert and the Caspian Sea. Also you will cross different terrains with variety of climate of high mountains, deserts, national parks, rivers and costal roads of the Caspian. There will be combination of gravel road, dirt road, paved road and some single tracks. In main cities you will have sightseeing of UNESCO sites as well as other highlights of the towns with experience of the taste of local restaurant. There will be a total of 10 days of cycling between the Shiraz to Caspian and we will have 5 NON-cycling days. The journey is led by professional crews and supported by vehicle. An English speaking MTB guide will be with the group from the beginning to the end. In the main cities for cultural exploring, an English speaking local guide will join us to have more knowledge of this ancient country. A vehicle will be with us during the entire of the tour and it would be helpful for who would like to skip a part of the road.