The idea to sleep in a hammock on such an incredible place was born at the very first Highlinemeeting at the Monte Piana in the year 2012. The adventurous pioneers Armin Holzer, Alessandro d’Emilia and Igor Scotland were so impressed by this experience that they wanted to share it with their friends. The idea of a collective hammock gathering during the annual Highline Meeting on this special place was born. In the following years this concept developed and on September 10th 2015 this unique project took place already for the third time. After spending the night in the hammock, the three founders of this idea were joined by other athletes in a early morning hammock session. In total 26 people came together to form a colorful and especially designed rainbow in 17 hammocks. A symbol of peace and a tribute to the past. This place was chosen not only for its natural beauty but for its historical importance. This area is an open air museum to honor the memory of the 18.000 young soldiers who died here during the First World War. Its 7 km of trenches are still visitable. Monte Piana has now become a meeting point for all young people from all over the world who want to share more than a passion, a philosophy, a way of life. THE FOLLOWING STUNT IS PERFORMED AND DESIGNED BY A PROFESSIONAL TEAM OF ATHLETES AND RIGGERS. The set up has a breaking strength up to 150 kN (15 000 kg) for the main line and additionally a redundant back up. Maximum force was 32 kN (3200 kg). 2015 Highline Meeting Monte Piana is an annual event that unites young people from all over the world through their shared passions for adventure and the sport of highlining. "I can remember the first time going to sit on a highline, and it was really an intense experience. Once you are in the hammock, it's perfect, and you get a feeling of freedom; even though it's so exposed, relaxing is not a problem." Sebastian Wahlhuetter.