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+972: Iranian-Israeli activist: "Why the Iranian flag still makes me proud," while the Israeli one does not

Google: "Global Day of Peace for Iran"

NY Times ad: Iranian-American petition: "Support Diplomacy with Iran"

Forward: “In Iran, freedom of the press is a dream, but freedom of tongue has been set loose” - Jewish American journal visits Iran

Forward: "Fact-Checking the Flame Throwers on Both Sides of Iran Deal"

Mondoweiss: Photos: Pro- & anti-Iran-deal protesters outside Schumer's NYC office

Jerusalem Post: Israeli chem. prof. (Hebrew U.) accepts Iranian invitation (Tehran U.)

Jewish Journal: Netanyahu/AIPAC's Iranian-American foot soldiers report for duty

J Street: American Jewish Support for Iran Deal Exceeds Support Among General Population

telesurtv: A list of US lobby groups opposed to the Iran deal