On August 15th 2015, Global Day of Peace for Iran, thousands of people are gathering in cities across the world to show support for peace and prevent another war in the middle east. This is a grassroots movement organized by dozens of volunteers in over 50 major cities across North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. We have no affiliation with any organization or political party. For more info see our website and a full list of cities on our global event page. ... Thousands of volunteers all around the world are gathering to show support for this agreement, which will make the world and the Middle East a safer place, give Iranian civilians a relief from harsh economic sanctions, and allow for resumption of peaceful relations between Iran and the United States. This is happening while pro-war lobbies in the U.S. are spending millions of dollars on campaigns to kill this deal and the prospect for a sustainable peace. ... It is time that the most powerful and influential states in the region come together and work together for peace and stability for all, rather than against one another. The nuclear deal is a first step in that direction and the long road ahead.


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