Jewish Journal:

Many local Iranian-Jewish activists said they have long opposed the Obama administration’s efforts to normalize relations with the Iranian regime, and they see the current nuclear agreement as strengthening Iran’s ability to spread hostility in the Middle East.  “This deal will legitimize a regime that is known to be deeply corrupt, is a world-leading state sponsor of terrorism, has been suppressing its own people and destabilizing its neighbors,” [said] Sam Kermanian, an adviser to the Iranian American Jewish Federation, based in West Hollywood ... [A]ccording to Sam Yebri, an attorney and co-founder of 30 Years After, an organization created to engage a younger generation of Jewish Iranian Americans, ... “The only beneficiaries of this deal will be Iran and its allies Hezbollah and [Syrian President Bashar] Assad and the Russians.” ... [S]ome activists in the local Iranian Jewish community have been very vocal in their efforts to educate Americans about the dangerous nature of the Iranian regime. Some of those expressed concern that the community had not advocated strongly enough against any deal with the Iranians. ... Simon Etehad, an Iranian-Jewish attorney and L.A.-area activist, said ... “We [Persian Jews] know the politics and goals of the Iranian regime, yet we put our heads in the sand and pretend that everything is fine and dandy ...”  Frank Nikbakht, a leader of the L.A.-based Committee for Minority Rights in Iran, said, ... “Internally, with all the inequalities and atrocities remaining in place, this agreement enhances the regime’s legitimacy, wealth and dictatorial power" ... David Nahai, an Iranian-American Jewish community member and former L.A. Department of Water and Power chief, said, “... we can be looking at 100 pages of snakes in the grass here, and we owe it to posterity to have a thorough examination of all the repercussions that are being proposed." ... Roxana Ganji, an L.A.-area, non-Jewish Iranian political activist [said] “I was born supposedly as a Shiite Muslim, and as far as I know, this regime has no mercy for any religious groups. ..." “As we know, if many of the IRGC companies and high-ranking members who are under sanctions now get relief from the sanctions, then who will be responsible for the IRGC’s future crimes against humanity?” said Roozbeh Farahanipour, an L.A.-based Iranian activist who heads the Marze Por Gohar Iranian opposition party. ... “What is clear to me as someone who was born and raised in Iran, and has observed its political evolution, is that an agreement with a regime whose intention is hegemony of the region, destruction of the homeland for Jewish people and support for radical Islamic groups is a grave mistake,” said George Haroonian, an L.A. Iranian-Jewish activist and board member of the Iranian Nessah Synagogue in Beverly Hills. “I expect a steep rise in anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli hysteria.”

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