The current war between Israel and Hamas has created some interesting debates. Not surprising as well over 1000 people, many of them civilians have been killed so far. The question for myself and many others is though why is it then when last year  syrian dictator Assad, murdered tens of thousands of syrian civilians, some by use of chemical gas, not only we did not witness the same level of outrage and publicity as we are seeing today for Gazans, but also some of the very people and entities who are so outraged about killing of Gazan civilians, rose to Assad's defense!! 

Well, Mr. Hillel Neuer, the executive director of UN watch has some very interesting things to say son this:

“If in the past year you didn’t CRY OUT when thou...sands of protesters were killed and injured by Turkey, Egypt and Libya, when more victims than ever were hanged by Iran, women and children in Afghanistan were bombed, whole communities were massacred in South Sudan, 1800 Palestinians were starved and murdered by Assad in Syria, hundreds in Pakistan were killed by jihadist terror attacks, 10,000 Iraqis were killed by terrorists, villagers were slaughtered in Nigeria, but you ONLY cry out for GAZA, then you are not pro HUMAN RIGHTS, you are only ANTI-ISRAEL.”

Hillel Neuer, Executive Director of UN Watch, July 15, 2014