Nearly two months ago  on the eve of new Georgian calander year , in an official ceremony in Los Tunas , capital city of  Banana Republic of Indoland in Carrabian sea, T.V cameras showed the red  and grim face of Generalismo AlfonsoAli de albuquerque , permanent leader of the country.

There were rumores in the diplomatic corp and yellow media gossip columns that the leader has fart problem. The national security council arranged extraordinary meeting in the summer presindential palace oval hall to elaborate on this critical issue.

At last, on 8 am, Monday morning retired general Alberto Fujimori, a Japanese immigrant descendant and official speaker for presidential palace issued a press release to the media. Regarding the issue titled Fuhrer fart, according to the said bulletin:

Dr. Gerhard Hoffmann of Hamburg central furz und saugen Krankenhaus announced the coming 21st March will be the sacred fart release moment for the leader and national holiday.

All leader fans and supporters including polite bureau of National peasant party will take part in a huge demonstration for celebrating the leader fart release day.

Indoland national assembly announced the 21st March as national holiday. Nearly all of current year senior students in Indoland national medical school said to the state-run radio (Vense Remorse) that their major subject for degree research will be fart, sucking and their role in human health.

Indoland Fuhrer and supreme leader officially opened the new legislative national assembly in blue parrot palace last week. An official translation of his formal speech circulated among foreign embassies in Las Tunas.

Fuhrer emphasized on the importance of farting in the nation daily life. He listed the advantages’ as below

  • Tells you if your diet is balanced. A diet that includes lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and grains is considered balanced and healthy. ...
  • Reduces abdominal pain. ...
  • Improves colon health. ...
  • Reduces bloating. ...
  • Identifies food allergies or intolerances. ...
  • Signifies a healthy gut. ...
  • Sounds a health alarm.

Dr. Alessandro Gonzales the speaker of national assembly at the end of the Fuhrer key notes and speech, announced the 11th February as the national fart day and thanked the leader for his precious initiative calling nation to fart as more as possible.

Few days later, on the evening of 21st March, the beginning of new Indoland solar year, Fuhrer signed a decree and officially changed the national emblem, recognizing Montagne Pelee volcano as symbol of fart in the middle of national flag. In sergeant Batista era, national emblem was an angry lion with a sword in the left hand.

Meanwhile U.S dollar hit the record of 52000 Tirtomans (national currency of Indoland).

Granma newspaper economy columnist argued that it is the sign of United States urgent collapse.

Harry Shashouvich (so called Brainless Harry) the editor in chief of Granma once again wrote on front page: Indoland warriors have strong will to convert White house to public toilets.

Indoland lost its main hard currencies revenue because of bad smells in all Los Tunas streets, mass farts!!

Fuhrer ordered to establish an independent fart ministry and appointed Alfred (angry cow) as minister to gather all nation fart gasses to export to brother country Venezuela to curb lack of hard currencies crisis.

In the coming August Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit Los Tunas . China will build 2.5Billion Dollar fart refinery in the south part of country near North Port to export Sulfur and CH4 gas to brother countries including Russia and Syria.

Indoland Fuhrer in an exclusive interview with RT told: Indoland has national will to double fart gasses by 2030 year.

Three leaders in a tele conference announced the birth of Indoland China, Russia Fart based defense treaty to curb NATO activities in Western hemisphere.

Indoland scientist made fart run car for the Fuhrer. In the country national Anthem are wishes and dreams to every Indoland individuals to fart at least 1 liter per day. For the time being it is 732 CC per Capita.

Fart Stream Pipeline (F.S.P) construction project between China, North Korea, Indoland and Russia signed up in the September 2021.

In the Jose Marti International airport of Los tunas , Fuhrer portrait welcomes visitors to Indoland flourishing with a fast-growing economy with help of SH2 and CH4.