This week while we were reading about how Trump has been expediting advanced nuclear technology transfer to Saudi Arabia, most people probably didn’t notice this interesting piece that just came out.

Apparently, Iran is having serious trouble operating the Bushehr nuclear reactor. They’re talking about insufficient funds and costs, but I wonder if there is more to it than that. I mean, they do apparently have the budget to build power plants in Syria.

There is a certain level of competency and quality control that is needed in order to run a complex installation like a nuclear reactor. Iran never really had that (thanks to the colossal brain drain and constant mismanagement in the past 4 decades) , and they have been running the facility without foreign help for over a year now, according to bbc.

But what reeks of stupidity is how many years people were forced to swallow the « nuclear energy is our indisputable right » pill, and endure sanctions and shit,...all to have it shut down after only 5 years of being on the grid? And this coming after 2 decades of overbudgeted ass kissing of Russia to purchase an outdated technology? God knows how many billions they spent to finish it.

I like to hope that the real reason operations are possibly halting at Bushehr is because Iran is caving under the sanctions and international pressure.

Aside from the gross waste of money on an obsolete and inferior Russian technology, Anne Lauvergeon (CEO of Areva) did an interview with Charlie Rose once where she was asked: does Iran have the right to nuclear energy? She said something like: « no, because having nuclear energy requires having social and political maturity, and Iran doesn’t have that ». She convinced me right there, that Iran DOES NOT deserve nuclear technology. Because people are still just stupid. Plain stupid. 

This is the country that has twisted fucks openly harassing women left and right. Then you have millions of fools who will go and vote for the next « reformer » in the next election (Khatami...Moosavi...Rouhani...Qalibaf?) effectively perpetuating the sad pathetic life of the ultra-incompetent Islamic Republic for another 4 years. If that doesn’t prove Iranians are stupid, then I don’t know what does.