The nuclear deal was a mistake to begin with. It was feeding fuel to a monster that has no respect for its own people, let alone others. It would have strengthened the Sepah empire and extended their rule for 40 more years.

The sanctions have put immense pressure on the sorry excuse of a country called Iran. This is a regime that eats its own young, plunders its own resources, and starves its own children only to build shrines for Najaf and Karbala. This is a state that has tried, and largely succeeded, in changing the Persian language into an arabic semi-dialect while erasing Iran's non-Islamic identity. This is a system that has succeeded in supplanting being Iranian with being a muslim. This is a nezaam that has succeeded in sowing the seeds of hatred against Jews, Israel, Bahais, LGBTQs, Sufis, ....anything that is not Shia. This is a regime that uses taking hostages as a foreign policy tool (first it was Americans, now it is visiting bi-nationals). This is a country that has turned the actual land into a living mostarah! It's where a woman is officially half a man! It's where liars go to die and have shrines built for them! It's the birthplace of sambal and tokhmi-takhayyolee kos-sher (aka 24-7 state propaganda).  

And now, right when the regime is begining to feel the serious threat of losing its grip on things, we see some folks start talking about re-starting the nuclear deal. We hear about bringing back Iran to the negotiating table. About which Dem candidate will reverse Trump on Iran. IOW, put simply: To extend the regime's life YET AGAIN, for 40 more fucking years of aftabeh, sigheh, and shit misery.

See, this is what I mean when I say Iranians are just plain fucking stupid. I mean, for shits sake, what will it take for these people to stand up and say: "OK. We've had enough. Lets just stop extending the life of this ugly experiment called The Islamic Republic! Now we're postivively sure this regime is not reformable, and no amount of negotiations or diplomacy will fix it."    

smh. Fucking amazing how ahmagh we are.