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I am your God, bow to me

The look says it all.

Jashne Takleef

I can think of 10 different things that are wrong with this picture. SMH.


Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, people werent afraid to say I'm from Iran because it wasn't synonymous with a backward, terrorist, reesh-o-pashm nation. Once upon a time, the prince and princess of Monaco would bow to Iran's Shah, as did Valerian to Shapur I. Happy 22 Bahman!

Zarif is a liar

In response to Zarif’s claim that no one has ever called for the destruction of Israel in Iran:

Mural in Tehran, quoting Imam Khomeini: “Israel must be destroyed”. The mural depicts munif ashmar, a celebrated suicide bomber. 



Batman was seen in the streets of Iran!

Behold all villains, your time is up!