1 - I eat a lot of yoghurt! And I don’t mean breakfast yoghurt sprinkled with chai seeds. I mean yoghurt with lunch and dinner, mixed into the rice and tomato to go with my kabab.
2 - I no longer use a knife. I have traded it with the more practical fork and spoon combo. Both instruments can be used to shovel food into your mouth as well as cut juicy meat. However the spoon is more superior as you are able to make the perfect arrangement of food to receive the most epic foodgasim you could have ever thought of.
3 - My medicine cabinet has been traded in with oils, herbs and natural remedies for each specific illness, mood swing, evil thought, cramps, temperature, you name it. I now even have an remedy for when I fighting with my boyfriend (Rose water).
4 - Olive oil is the only salad dressing you need in your life.
5 - TAHDIG IS LYF, and has the potential to break families.
6 - Everything I eat will kill me unless its is sourced from the nomad villages high up in the mountains of Iran.
7 - It is perfectly acceptable to have three fridges. Besides if you only had one fridge where would you store all your yoghurt?
8 - Cucumber is a fruit and should be snacked on while also eating oranges.
9 - You can never drink too much tea.
10 - When declining food from a Perisan mum, does not mean you will get no food. It just means that third huge spoon full of rice she was about to dump on your plate, will be split between you and the person sitting next to you.