Iranian of the Day: Ladan Boroumand, Human Rights Activist

Iranian writer and activist Ladan Boroumand sits down with Matt Kibbe to discuss her fight for human rights in Iran. She points out that the Iranian people have a yearning for personal liberty, rule of law, and economic freedom, but they fear to speak out against the tyrannical, theocratic government.

Effect of Sanctions on Iranians

International Observatory of Human Rights: Iranian-British award-winning journalist Saeed Dehghan who writes for the Guardian describes the "unprecedented level of hopelessness" Iranians are enduring as the US re-imposes sanctions and food prices soar

Nasir Sobhani - Iranian "Barber to the Homeless"

A short bio on him: http://www.saxton.com.au/nasir-sobhani/

Deplorable migrant camp in Yemen

Saleh Saeed Nasser has been patrolling Yemen's coastline for 15 years. For most of his career, he's seen migrants arrive on the pristine shores of Shabwa province from the Horn of Africa. But in recent years, as his country's three-year civil war has brought on terrorism and the world's worst humanitarian crisis, something counterintuitive has started happening: More migrants from Africa are ...

Iran's massive protests, explained in 4 minutes

Vox: How the price of eggs sparked an uprising in Iran. Read more about the protests on Vox.com here: http://bit.ly/2m2r4k0. Since December 28th, Iran has undergone multiple days of populist protests. At least 20 deaths have occurred, as protestors clash with Iranian security forces, and hundreds of people have been arrested. The demonstrations began in Mashad, Iran's second largest cit, and ...

Abbas Milani on anti-government protests in Iran

PBS NewsHour: We learn more about the ongoing anti-government protests in Iran with Abbas Milani of Stanford University's Stanford Iranian Studies Program.

Crimes Against Humanity in Iran Thrust Into Limelight With Raisi’s Presidential Bid

April 14, 2017–The candidacy in Iran's upcoming presidential election of Ebrahim Raisi, who played a leading role in crimes against humanity during the 1980s, is a serious setback for a country striving to rejoin the international community. Read more: https://www.iranhumanrights.org/2017/...

From Islamic Revolution to cultural resistance

The Economist: This week in 1979 the world 's first Islamic Revolution toppled the ruling dynasty of Shah Reza Pahlavi in Iran. The intertwining of religion and state has been tough for some Iranians, but they are increasingly using culture as a means to protest against the regime.

Obama's new project - The Foundation

Al Jazeera report on 20 Sunni Prisoners Executed in Iran

Al Jazeera interview IHR Spokesperson Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam about the Sunni Prisoners Executed on 2. August 2016 in Iran