Slime green

“All words are pegs to hang ideas on”

- Henry Ward Beecher, Proverbs from Plymouth pulpit


Cyrous Moradi

April 4, 2020


My heart is a little mouse in an abandoned ship

Keen to smell cats, Jealous to rats

Witness took an oath inside a vacant court

Not accustomed to hardship, rhinos

Little mouse is gallant for golden fish

Spread my eyes on muddy puddles

To prevent the hardship if your cross

White pigeon reads anecdotes to geese chicks

Black cats flirting with classmates


Across the Sacramento River

Photo by: Soroush Photo Creations 

Instagram Model Natasha Naraghi. Iranian last name. Not sure if she's Iranian

Shirazi Hercules

This is an amazing retouching skill for the period. But to me it is nothing but collage and retouching which proves the quality of the work.
Among other things, several seconds were needed for the exposure of this photo to take place (this is not taken by iPhone mind you!) and that would have blurred the picture completely unless you really believe our Hercules, not only could lift these guys that way, but could hold them in that position for several seconds without moving!
This is in Qajar period... filling-in for RedWine!

If Trump wasn't born rich

Qajar Silver bracelet amulet

Qajar Silver bracelet amulet

Belonged to Adqas al-Dawlah

Private Collection

Shemiran 1833

Godfrey Thomas Vigne, Plane Tree (Chenar) Shemaroon [Shemiran] near Tehran Persia, 1833, pencil, pen and ink, and watercolor, 28.1cm x 25.1cm. V&A, London.

Qajar Prayer tube pendant

Silver, embellished with turquoise, XIX. Repository Amir Hossein Nikpour Collection.

Girl and Little Boy

Unknown Qajar artist from Iran - Sanikidze, Tamaz (1985), Art Museum of Georgia.

Qajar Lovers

Qajar Lovers in Iran, late 18th c., unknown artist, Georgian National Museum.