Slime green

"All words are pegs to hang ideas on" - Henry Ward Beecher, Proverbs from Plymouth pulpit Cyrous ...

Across the Sacramento River

Photo by: Soroush Photo Creations

Instagram Model Natasha Naraghi. Iranian last name. Not sure if she's Iranian

Shirazi Hercules

This is an amazing retouching skill for the period. But to me it is nothing but collage and retouching ...

If Trump wasn't born rich

Qajar Silver bracelet amulet

Qajar Silver bracelet amulet Belonged to Adqas al-Dawlah Private Collection

Shemiran 1833

Godfrey Thomas Vigne, Plane Tree (Chenar) Shemaroon [Shemiran] near Tehran Persia, 1833, pencil, pen and ...

Qajar Prayer tube pendant

Silver, embellished with turquoise, XIX. Repository Amir Hossein Nikpour Collection.

Girl and Little Boy

Unknown Qajar artist from Iran - Sanikidze, Tamaz (1985), Art Museum of Georgia.

Qajar Lovers

Qajar Lovers in Iran, late 18th c., unknown artist, Georgian National Museum.