You need to excuss my blog's title as I just had to write this. I was looking at the survey answers. As you may agree these surveys are each different, Some are clever, some are interesting, some are simple and meaningful and some are stupid. But no matter what they are all in some way informative.

However, most importantly, they reflect the mind set of this site's users.

For example a good one;

DK's survey;

OPINION MAKERS: Do You Rely on Corporate News (TV Networks/ Press) to Shape Your Opinion ?

up to 22nd July 79% said NO.

and my survey;

Do you believe Hitler committed suicide?

up to 22nd July 72% said YES.


If 79% do NOT rely on news to shape your opinion then WHY so many of you believe what media told you about history? At the time of Hitler's death NON of you were there present therefore your judgement is based on those days news. HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT IS HOW IT REALLY HAPPENED??

What I am trying to say is the way we think and believe.

There is something wrong here and I am hoping someone explains.

In any case this is why I think JJ done a good job adding surveys to his site. It is intersting to think about them.

Thank you JJ.