Natasha and Kate's Wedding in San Diego

See their engagement video here: http://iroon.com/irtn/vlog/24686/

Massih Alinejad at the European Parliament on Forced Hejab in Iran

Founder of My Stealthy Freedom Campaign was invited to the European Parliament's panel discussion about #burkiniban: The European female politicians are hypocrites when they protests against the burkini ban, but wearing compulsory hijab in their visit to Islamic republic of Iran without protesting against the compulsion.

Natasha and Kate's Iranian-American Engagement: How We Fell in Love

Watch a true, genuine love being described, as Natasha and Kate dwell into how they met, and how they fell for one another.

World Champion Leila Vaziri on Women in Sports

ICHRI: What does it take for a woman to overcome the challenges and make it to the Olympics? Watch world champion Leila Varizi in this video and join the Campaign in saluting the 9 Iranian women who made it to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The Women's Ward

Evin Prison's Women's Ward: home to female Iranian political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.

"Bringing Women's Voices Back to Iran"

Webpage of this interview with the director of "No Land's Song," a documentary about female singing in Iran, and Emel Mathlouthi,a popular singer of the Tunisian revolution who appears in the film, is here.

Why Iranian women are posting pictures of their uncovered hair

Masih Alinejad is an Iranian journalist and advocate for religious freedom and women's rights. She is the moderator of My Stealthy Freedom, a Facebook group that has over 800,000 followers. There, she and other Iranian women post photos of themselves removing their headscarves in public — a quiet but brave protest against the Iranian laws that govern not just their clothing, but the way they ...

Excerpt from "No Land's Song," a documentary by Ayat Najafi

See another excerpt from this documentary here. (EXCERPT with Sara Najafi, Elise Caron, Jeanne Cherhal, Emel Mathlouthi and Edward Perraud) NO LAND'S SONG A feature documentary film by Ayat Najafi
 Germany/France - 2014 - 90 min - HD - English subtitles With Sara Najafi, Parvin Namazi, Sayeh Sodeyfi, Elise Caron, Jeanne Cherhal, Emel Mathlouthi, ... 
Co-produced by Torero Film, HanfgarnUfer...

Cannes: Golshifteh Farahani on being a woman in Iran

Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani explains what it is like to feel free while living in a prison of country where women are oppressed.

Sandwiched between Shia & Sunni extremism, says Iraqi women's rights activist

"As Yanar Mohammed, co-founder and the director of the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq, attends the Women Stop War conference in The Hague, she describes the current situation in Iraq. "The country is under a prevailing culture of militias, which have the upper hand. ... They say, 'It's either us or ISIS.'" Mohammed says civil society is sandwiched between Shia and Sunni extremists, ...