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Joined on December 20, 2012

various: "The People United Will Never Be Defeated" - 38 variations [7 clips]

Händel: "Never was a shade" - Xerxes I's aria to Chinar tree [3 clips]

Anahita Khosravi & I. Arkhipova: Ave Maria (by Vavilov) [2 clips]

Quartango & others: Bésame Mucho

assorted performers: "Air" & "Adagio in G minor", ney & harmonica [3 clips]

Hossein Sarshar: Opera pieces (mostly ca. 1968) by alleged victim of Chain Murders [5 clips]

Mansoureh Ghasri & Yves Custeau: in season for Southern Hemisphere - "Voices of Spring" [2 clips]

Irtiza Raza: "Take my head but let the baby live" - Shia lamentation (noha)

Zumbies: Get-off-your-ar$e Belly-dance Zumba (4 clips)

Leon Rosselson: "The Ballad of Rivka and Mohammed"