An encounter with artist Shirin Neshat

Deutsche Welle: Shirin Neshat supports the Iranian opposition, loves contradictions and sees herself as a freedom fighter who uses the weapons of art against the oppression of Islamic women. Artist, filmmaker and photographer, Shirin Neshat was born in Iran in 1957, and now lives in New York. Her international breakthrough followed a series of black and white photographs: "Women of Allah." In ...

Parastou Forouhar discusses her art practice and 'Written room'

Drawing on the vast reservoir of Persian culture, Parastou Forouhar's graceful imagery, exquisite patterns and elegant calligraphic installations often cloak experiences of pain and dislocation. In her 'Written Room' series, Forouhar covers the surfaces of gallery spaces with soft, rhythmic lines of Farsi script, recording memories, names and fragments of words. The writing loses its ...

Painter Amin Roshan uses crude oil as paint

David Burnett's Exhibition "44 Days: Iran and the Remaking of the World"

David Burnett tells the story of how he came about to photograph the events of the 1978-79 Iranian Revolution.

How Do You Build Sacred Spaces?

Iranian Tech Guy Pranked on Who Is America

Art Dubai Portraits | Portrait 16: Timo Nasseri

Art Dubai Portraits is a film series that provides a short perspective into the lives and workspaces of artists that are connected to the fair through its programming or participating galleries. ---------------------------------- For the inquisitive German-Iranian photographer-turned-sculptor Timo Nasseri, the concept of infinity has held a dominant presence in his body of sculptural and ...

Soheil Nasseri Plays Gershwin at TedxBerlin

Enjoy Soheil's fun and lively performance at TEDxBerlin. He playstwo well-known pieces for piano composed by Gershwin and Bernstein! Yes, I know he is a bit wild! :-)

Shiva Pakdel's "Reflection of History Through 100 years of Iranian Stamps 1876-1976"

Iran's hidden billion dollar art