We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

T.S. Elliot

Taste of  Rhubarb

 On Monday, 21st  July 1952 , the day Iran lost the future and her young democracy was killed in streets.

70 years  ago , Prime Minster Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh met the King Mohammad Reza on Wednesday 16th 1952 July and demanded the command of armed forces for himself as Prime Minister to tackle with difficulties faced his government to resolve oil nationalization problems with British government. According to tradition, not law, defense minister assignment was a privilege for the Shah.

Shah opposed. Dr. Mossadegh resigned.  Shah accepted the resignation and assigned  Ghavam  well known politician as new prime minister to fix the oil nationalization  problems.

Tehran and major cities plunged in riots and demonstration  in support of Dr. Mossadegh. The climax was on Monday , 21 July 1952. More than 30 bodies were killed during the clashes between mob and military forces. Shah and parliament bowed  to protesters . Dr. Mossadegh recaptured the power.

In this day , all political power in Iran  felled in Tehran streets . From that date the owner of  streets surface in Iran was and is the real governor and ruler of  the country, not parliament and law.

 One year later , On 19 August 1953 , Dr. Mossadegh  lost the helm  by a military coup d’état . United States and  Britons backed soldiers and lumpen  took the streets of Tehran and expelled Dr. Mossadegh  from Power. 25 years after , on the 11th February of 1979 , once again mob and demonstrators took the streets of Tehran . Monarchy regime  was ended.

Still  the owner and governor of Tehran streets is the real ruler of Iran. Power struggle took place in Streets  rather in parliament or political parties.

On 21st July 1952, Iranian lost the precious wealth, Democracy, they had. Demonstrators imposed their will on Parliament and the king and the 12 years old democracy ( 1941-1953) was killed .