The advent of Internet and speedy information systems  seems to be accelerating stupidity and Irooni’s are no exception.  


One would have thought after decades of murder and mayhem we’d be a bit wiser to ways of  the clergy and its constant manufacturing of crisis to preserve the stinking regime.  

But judging by the themes blogged on the Irooni sites by “continuity supporters” (as reforming or moderation is an oxymoron when it comes to the clerical regime) clearly shows glorification of stupidity is on the rise.  As some are not even aware of how they are manipulated.

Below are a few themes run by this continuty estemrar es-hal-talabs under the misguided belief that somehow Rouh-ani and the manufatured “moderate” faction are not part of the clerical Mafia:

1. The US is seeking regime change: or analysis of US tactics by people who cannot or do not want to differente strategy and tactics. Trump clearly stated in his news conference after the recent Nato meeting he wants the regime to beg for a deal.  That is his aim.  The threat of regime change is tactics.  Even if that is not the case then regime change should not be feared.  The Mollafia has to go.  And comparisons with countries like Libya or Iraq vastly culturally different to us is just another “continuity seekers” tactic. The pseudo nationalistic opposition to foreign assisted regime change is ridiculous in the age of Russians being given rights to fire missiles over Iranian airspace or access to Iranian bases etc. Get your priorities right while Iranians are truly suffering. 

2. Danger of militarisation and IRGC coup: is another ruse propagated by the regime and its phoney opposition.  The current administration is neither a faction nor moderate. It is THE REGIME under another guise, another spin on the same.  They created the spectre of Raisi as a bogey man to increase turnout and legitimise their discredited election system.  

Here is a well deserved pat on the back for glorifying stupidity.