At one time his net worth was estimates at $14 billion dollars. His portfolio included an Airline, banks, fleet of busses, construction companies, and light/heavy industries.

His meteoric rise to wealth and eventual misfortune started as the driver of the director of Iran’s central Bank. He eventually was tasked to illegally sell oil in the open market for the Islamist fascists -”reformers” and all. There are many Babak Zanjani in Iran.


“Iranian tycoon Babak Zanjani, the country's wealthiest person, has been sentenced to death after being convicted on corruption charges.”

This is nothing new, every time one faction of Islamist fascist Mafia losses free access to the national loot, retributions starts by the winning gang.

There is a saying in Persian which is very apt about the Islamist fascists:

If the order comes to arrest the drunkard, whoever is in town will be arrested.

Murdering (executing) Zanjani is a crime, he is a little gofer. Those high officials who delivered millions of barrels of oil to a chauffer to sell for them need to be prosecuted.

Of course this is also a warning to all those who think there is any honor among the Islamist fascists, getting into bed with them has severe consequences.


Sanction works, U.S. Senate, get to it.

Ps. the news item has a factual error in calling Zanjani “country’s wealthiest person”. According to credible Western sources, Khamenei, the Islamist fascist Führer with a new worth of $95 billion is the wealthiest person in Iran.