Tell Congress to Stand Against Discriminatory Order by ICE Against International Students!

PAAIA: A new Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) policy has been published, ordering that international students enrolled in U.S. institutions must attend in-person classes this fall or risk deportation.

This cruel and misguided order presents an enormous financial burden to students and academic institutions who have already been hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and further jeopardizes the health and safety of students and faculty.  This situation is exacerbated for Iranian students with single entry visas, as it would mean they have to reapply for visas while our embassies are still closed overseas and travel is limited. During this time, these students will likely lose their admission to U.S. institutions and be forced to start over, imposing a substantial psychological and financial hardship.

International students in America contribute billions to our economy, support hundreds of thousands of jobs, and serve as an important priority for U.S. public diplomacy. They are future teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers, engineers, and more. They deserve to continue the opportunity they’ve been given to study in the United States >>> Tell Your Member of Congress