People with Dai Jan Napleon thinking are NOT concerned about what is happening inside Iran. Actually they don’t value Iranians at all. All they are concerned is outside power. They falsely think any social movement is triggering from outside power such as America or England. Dai jan used to say: “Anything happens in Iran starts from England” or “Britain is enemy of all human being on the face of the earth”. 

In November of 2019, during uprising of Iranians against ruling criminal mullahs, Over 7000 people were arrested and detained in prisons since then. Some of them were going under torture by religious fascist regime of mullahs. Mullahs were torturing them to come on state control T.V to make a confession that they made mistake to attend in protest. Some of them broke down under the torture and came on T.V making false confession. They said that they made mistake or they love criminal mullahs. That kind of confession by force is commonly called "Tortured cofession". Ervand Abrahamian wrote a book about it by the same name. "Tortured confession". He clearly described the unhuman and cruel treatment of prionsers in Islamic priosns. Some of those protestors didn’t make that confession. As a result, they were lashed or sentensed to longer jail term. Some of them also poisoned by food inside the prisons. Then,  criminal mullahs informed their families claiming that their loved ones committed suicide while in custody.
At the same time, according to Reuter news agency, over 1500 protestors were shot and killed by ruling criminal mullahs on streets. However, eyewitnesses in Iran claim it was over 4000.  None of these factors ever come to the mind of Dai Jan Napeleon. The only thing Dai Jan Napeleon is concerned is outside powers such as America or England. What a pity !!!. In fact, there is an Indian guy in the book. He also appreas in T.V serial as well. He triggers Dai jan paranoid idea about conspiracy of British and their influence in Iran, so the Indian guy made Dai Jan cancels his trip. Very funny.
Iraj Pezekzad, the writer of the book, really changed mind set of Iranians. 
Even right now, our intellectuals aren’t immune from Dai Jan Naplean syndrome. Some of them even think America made Coronavirus or the other ones were saying Iranian’s plane crash during Carter’s adminstration was dispatched by Jimmy Carter from Washington D.C or Washington could magically changes regime in Iran or Carter administration was masterminding Iran's revolution or some other outside conspiracies. 
Having said that Dai Jan Napeleon is good source of entertainment, but it is NOT a guideline for political discussion. Quoting from Dai Jan Naplean makes the commentator look like uneducated and stupid. It also indicates commentator don’t have anything to bring to the table except to get help from Dai Jan Napleon delusional world. Dai jan was a “Paranoid schizophrenic” individual. The writer of the book, Iraj Pezekzad skillfully made a comic character of a person who was mentally ill.

Regardless of who is in White House, our people are struggling to topple Islamic criminals for last 4 decades. Our dear Neda Agha Sultan and Sattar Beheshti ... etc were  shot and killed when Democrats had the office.  1500 protestors in month of November were shot and killed when Republicans were in the White House. Iranians and their struggle for freedom is important, NOT outside powers. Iranians are the ones who will eventually send Islamic criminal gang to dust bin of history.