Yes they saw the emam in the Moon. Apollo 17 ended in 1972. That's how stupid Iranians were in 1979.


But do you think Iranians have changed? I would argue NO. This new young generation does sheesheh while listening to Avril Lavigne with their girlfriend/boyfriend in parties. They are outspoken and dont give a shit. But so what? Left to their own devices, they will follow the same path as the previous generations. Unless...true change emerges.


What are the signs of true change? You will know that we might have a fighting chance again when you start hearing things like this everywhere, on a large scale, in the news, in the papers, on social media: These have to be demanded and declared, nationally, just like we demanded and declared a revolution in 1979:

  • Agha, GOH KHORDEEM enghelab kardeem. The revolution is a failed experiment. Ghalat kardeem. We were fucking stupid. 
  • Supporter or not, Lets stop badmouthing the Shah (and our predecessors) and respect him and the Pahlavids as part of our identity. Good or bad, it's who we are. 
  • We promise to separate church from state from now on. Islam has no place in state affairs. There should be no official state religion. And no cleric should have any political mansab. Nor give political fatwas. Marja Taqleeds should go back to discussing the rituals of aftabeh and dampayee.
  • Being friends/allies with Israel has always been and is in our best interests.
  • Being friends with Arabs is in our best interests too for that matter: Our competition with our neighbors should be economic. Not strategic.
  • Lets let the Bahais come back to our society, openly.
  • 40 years of enghelab has made us into mysoginist kos-khols (literally). As a sign that we've grown up mentally, we should have a woman as head of state. Heck, we sould even mandate that 50%+ of the parliament always be filled by women MPs. The rule of men by themselves in state affairs will always be keeree, to put it mildly. We need women to bring us back to sanity (after we've neutered religion).
  • National interest should be the one and only ideology in our political and social decision processes.

Do you hear/see these things on a national level of discourse? No. So there you have it. We're fucked. Because we dont have the tokhm to change.