Who Won:

-Mullahs, who had been fighting for power for 700 years;

-1960’s and 70’s Iranian communists (later West residing college professors) whose only accomplishment in life was (and has been) the overthrow of the Shah, the weakest Middle Eastern dictator in history;


-Hamas (created after the 1979 Devolution, but still reaped its fruits);

-Palestinian Islamic Jihad;

-Lebanese Hezbollah;

-Residents of South Lebanon in general;

-The Polisario Front;

-Every other little Islamist terrorist group around the world, including Al-Qaeda and ISIS;

-Russia and China;

-Iran’s competitors in the region, including the UAE, Turkey, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.

Who Lost:

-Iranian women;

-At least one, but going on two generations of Iranians (including my generation);

-Iran’s ethnic and religious minorities. Essentially everyone in Iran aside from those living in Shiraz, Tehran, Isfahan, Mashshad, & Tabriz;

-Iran’s economy;

-Iran’s standing in the world;

-Iran’s environment;

-Virtually every aspect of Iran’s industrial and tourism sectors.