Much to the glee of some people, it appears that our good friend Zolfali has been blocked. I don’t know the specific reasons that led to him being blocked, but I as assume it had something to do with his attacks on various users. Fair enough. Personally, I agreed with some of his posts, and I disagreed with some, especially those that contained personal attacks. But if personal attacks are the reason why someone gets blocked on this site, why isn’t the policy applied fairly across the board? Why do some have a blank check to attack people with impunity, and some don’t? Case in point: this blog . I posted a comment related to subject of the blog about Shah’s regime and the revolution. In return, I was attacked by two users, and called the following names: anus observer, maggot, illiterate, human trash, BiBi basiji, traitor, sick, parasitic, jobless, and ignoramus. With the exception of the first profanity, the rest were written by P_J, a character who does not contribute to the site in any way. At least Zolfali contributed to the site by posting articles and blogs. This character hasn’t posted anything on this site—at least not in years-- with the exception of the profanities hurled at me. Again, so that we are clear, I had posted a general comment about the Shah, without attacking, or even mentioning, any users. But I assume the profanities and personal attacks against me are justified because these users are more ideologically aligned with the site’s owner / editor? That would be my guess. But the burning question to you, JJ, is this: if you’re now blocking people for personal attacks, why isn’t P_J blocked? And before you say I responded to him, of course I did. And that’s the problem with this site. Lunatics are allowed to insult people and illicit an in-kind response and drag the conversation to the gutter. If this guy was blocked after he posted his first attack comment the blog wouldn’t have gone into the gutter like it did.

Another case in point is the fake troll account that posts as M. Saadat Noori, along with at least a half dozen other usernames, including but not limited to: Sokhanan-e Mozoon, Laghafiroozi, All-Iranians, Shakila, Faryadiranian, Friendly, etc., and attacks people with vulgarity anytime anyone questions his phony credentials and exposes his fake usernames, which is I guess my sin. The blog photo above is from this blog . As you can see, I wasn’t even on the thread, and I was attacked by this troll with vulgarity. But not only the Saadat Noori account is allowed to attack everyone, his various fake usernames actually get rewarded by constantly being featured on the first page.

So, sorry JJ. I for one do not believe you have any interest in impartiality and an even handed moderation of this site. You cave in to the mob mentality of your likeminded lynch mob and block people that the lynch mob doesn’t like, and that’s sad. If I’m wrong please have the courage to come on this blog and correct me.