Five stressful days for people of Boston. Regrettably this is the problem mankind created for himself. By no means this event is limited to US. The fact is we do not know what happens around the world every day, mostly because media does not talk abouut it.

However there are some questions I can not find an answer for;

1- Why some people who live in a free society do these? What make them do it? Is it the gap between poor and rich? Is it political belief? Is it madness? Is it just religion? Why going so far?

And as expected media talks about almost any possibilities except being hypnotised !!! Isn't that strange?

2- Why media keeps mentioning nationality? If they talk about religion it is considered as racism of course unless it is Islam. Does mentioning nationality solves the problem? Does it?


Whatever the answer or answers are, these prblems won't just go away unless we look for the cause. I personaly don't think the problem is within the related society. The problem and it's cause is with the politicians.