Reading some of the commentaries by fellow members of this site written in support of Trump’s latest executive order had me wondered, angered, ashamed and baffled by the sheer magnitude of their hostility towards their own countrymen, supporting detention of a college student returning from a trip home for winter break or somebody’s grandparents as potential terror suspects! This happened on the exact same day when there were scores of U.S. officials from governors to members of congress to mayors, out on the record, condemning Trump’s actions, demanding immediate release of the people who were detained. But then again for the nth time it proved to me, without any shadow of a doubt that we fully deserve the Islamic Republic. We are advocating the same conduct as I.R.I. and would do no less crimes, had we were given the opportunity. Some even calling for nuclear attack against our homeland on the exact same day when huge crowds gathered at the airports nationwide to protest against racist acts of this administration. These were Blacks, Whites, Asians, Hispanics, Christians, Jews, Muslims defending my rights as a first generation immigrant in this country.  Perhaps not surprisingly, at least in Boston, there were very little participation from Iranian Americans. As usual we expect someone else to do our dirty work for us! A collective shame on us, to our 2500 years of civilization when it has failed to teach us the very basic respect for one another. BTW, most of those contributors have written their point of view as an American looking down on the unfortunate public who don’t carry an American passport! For these fellows I have the following message: To Trump and his likeminded people we are nothing but a bunch of sand niggers. I’m afraid that you are in for some rude awakening!





p.s. Please, please, please, do not bother lecturing me about the conduct of I.R.I. You would be preaching to the already converted, as I have displayed many times on my previous comments.