I shall renew my greeting to the sun;
To the stream that was flowing through me;
To the clouds which symbolized and inspired my lengthy contemplations;
To the painful growing of the white ash trees of the Garden, which with me
have journeyed through the dry seasons;
To the flock of crows, which made me a present
of evening pastures;
To my mother, who lived in a mirror
and was the vision of 
the winter of my life;
To the earth, which intoxicate with repeating me filled its tumulus heart
with seeds of green, I shall renew my greeting.
I shall arrive, I shall arrive, I shall arrive
The strands of my hair a continuum of scents of the underworld
my eyes the reflection of dense experiences of darkness 
the bouquets which I picked from the meadows of the nether-land
I shall arrive, I shall arrive, I shall arrive
And the threshold shall be filled with love.
In that threshold,
to those who love,
And to the little girl, which is still
standing in that very love-filled threshold
I shall renew my greeting.


Poet: Foroogh Farokhzad

Translated to English: ZaraFM