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Gender: Male | Interests: Fine Arts and Cartooning.

Birth City: Alajuela | Birth Country: Costa Rica |

Residing City: CURRIDABAT | Residing Country: Costa Rica

Joined on October 24, 2018

Hanged by the feet.

Wences 9/36

Upside down.

Wences 9/35

Dad can't drink.

Wences 9/34

Don't get mad.

Wences 9/33

Don't lie.

Wences 9/32

Vampire Movie.

Wences 9-31

Artur's Style.

Wences 9/30

Orthopedic Collar.

Wences 9/29

Back Pack paradox.

Wences 9/28

Three minutes later.

Wences 9/27