The controversial and viral Instagram account named "Rich Kids of Tehran" has been censored within Iran, according to several sources within the country.

The account, clearly inspired by "Rich Kids of Instagram," collects pictures of what appears to be young and wealthy Iranians driving around in sports cars, wearing expensive watches or drinking fancy cocktails by big swimming pools.

The page received widespread international media attention early this week.“

According to the statistics published by the Islamist fascists –“reformers’ and all- the overwhelming majority of Iranians are under poverty line.  

The astronomical and ever increasing number of street-children, sex-workers and other signs of poverty is testament to the accuracy of the statistics.

In a country where  “Happy video dancers” in full clothing are immediately tracked down and prosecuted.

In a system where an slight infraction of mandatory Hijab rule and sexual relationship outside marriage is persecuted with lashes and worst, Rich Kids Of Tehran roaming and flaunting their “Shahs of Sunset” lifestyle unmolested by the fascists is an anomaly.

It is a Potemkin village version of life in Iran courtesy of those Islamist fascist mafia families, and their lobbyists, eager to cut a deal with the free world.


Sanctions works, U.S. Senate, get to it!