Human Rights Committee- Iran Democratic Front: In response to three petitions signed by 1000's of signatories, including hundreds of well recognized Iranian and other human rights, civil and political activists  and organizations, academics and artists demanding the release of the Iranian journalist Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, "who is currently serving the remainder of his eight years sentence in Iran", the Geneva office of the United Nations high commissioner for human rights responded : "Please be assured that the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights will follow the case of Mr. Tabarzadi and will take appropriate steps to draw our concerns to the attention of the Iranian authorities."

The petitions demanding the release of Mr. Tabarzadi, the Secretary General of “Iran Democratic Front” and the spokesperson for the “Solidarity Council for Human Rights and Democracy in Iran" was delivered and discussed with The Chief of the Asia Pacific Section of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights earlier this month in Geneve, Switzerland.
The head of the human rights committe of the Iran Democratic Front , Mr. Alireza Sarbazi pointed "There are three issues of importance when it comes to Mr. Tabarzadi. First, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has convicted Mr. Tabarzadi of vague and baseless charges such as “acting against the national security” , none of the accusations are acknowledged by neither Mr. Tabarzadi nor his lawyer Mrs. Nasrin Sotoudeh. Secondly, due to the lenghty prison sentences the heath and well being of Mr. Tabarzadi is in grave danger and based on his legal and human rights, he has immediate need for proper medical treatment outside the prison and as the first step, he must be granted a medical leave. After enduring five years of the second year prison sentence by Mr. Heshmat Tabarzadi, the Iranian government authorities have officially announced their Plan for a new court hearing with new accusations and charges against Mr. Tabarzadi with the intention of his extending his prison sentence due to writing an article title “My devastated Homeland” where he addressed human rights issues such as freedom of political prisoners and prisoners of conscious in Iran , end to the executions, end of mandatory veil (Hijab) for women and minimum standard of living and wages for Iranian workers "
In a reply letter to sarbazi, Mr. Rory Mungoven of the United Nations wrote: "The Secretary-General in his latest report to the 69th Assembly expressed concerns on the condition of the detention and treatment of persons deprived of their liberty and called on the Government to facilitate their urgent and adequate access to medical care."
being updated on developments." wrote Mr. Mungoven

Ever since the year 2000 , Mr. Heshmat Tabarzadi, has been imprisoned for the publications of various newspapers and because of raising the serious issue which were threatening the social and economic well being of the Iranian society. After completion of his sentence, he was also arrested for the second time in the year 2010 during the green movement and sentenced to additional 8 years prison. The lengthy prison sentences and the lack of proper care has seriously affected Mr. Tabarzadi’s health and he is presently suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and heart issues. “Based on the United Nations Universal Articles of the Human Rights, and even the laws of the Islamic Republic, Iran’s regime has no legal basis for the imprisonment of Mr. Heshmat Tabarzadi . It is the right of Tabarzadi and other political prisoners and prisoners of conscious to be released. Tabarzadi had announced the current (Persian calendar) year as the year of human rights, and his unique status effects issues of human rights as well as well beings of other Iranian political prisoners. Therefore the importance of the medical leave and even freedom of Mr. Tabarzadi is of outmost importance for Iranians and political prisoners.” said Sarbazi. “As you may know, the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council continues to monitor the situation in Iran closely and appreciates being updated on developments.” wrote Mr. Mungoven. 

The petition and the signatures to release Tabarzadi can be found at . Copy of the letter from UN high commissioner is available at
 Tabarzadi's article " My Devstated Homeland" can be found here: