From: Ahmad Naeni 


Shocking News!

We are absolutely devastated by thesudden and tragic death of our
comrade Fariborz Raisdana.

He passed away fromcoronavirus in Tehran Pars hospital on 15 March
2020, at age of 72.

Fariborz Raisdana was an Iranian economist, socialist, activist,
professor, and amember of the Iranian Writers' Association. He was the
author of numerous articles and books, including ApplieDevelopment
Economics; Money and Inflation; Political Economy of Development,and
Globalization, "Intellectual Character.", "Freedom andSocialism," He
also hastranslated numerous books of English origin to Farsi,
including Violence Today: Actually-existing Barbarism, Editors: Colin
Leys, Leo Panitch.

Raisdana was arrested onMarch 21, 2012 in Tehran aftercriticizing the
Iranian subsidy reform plan in an interview with BBC Persian and given
aone-year sentence at Evin Prison, for a series of charges including
“membership of the Writer’sAssociation, Issuing statement
againstIslamic regime censorship, givinginterviews to BBC and VOA, and
accusing the Islamic Republic of abusingprisoners; harassment, rape
and torture and holding show trials”.

In times of grief and sorrow I'm a little bit relieved that Icould
help editing one of his books, Human Liberation, (Justice, Freedom

The loss of this political capital won't easily be built upagain so
the challenge ahead is greater than ever.

At times like these words seem inadequate to convey the senseof loss.

We have lost a comrade and friend. May his spirit live on in
thestruggles of the world working.

He will be forever remembered.

Goodbye Comrade

Ahmad Naeni

March 16, 2020