MohammadReza Shah Pahlavi is reportedly to have told U.S. Ambassador Sullivan: "I do not intend to murder the youth of my nation in order to rule it"


Now compare that to what we see in Iran today.


I specifically remember my 11th grade Ma'aref Eslami teacher telling the class: If one day protesters come into the streets and start calling for the end of the nezam, it is our duty and God given right to suppress them with military force, even if it means killing them.


Yes, unlike his father, MohammadReza was soft. But when we say soft, what we're really saying is that the people of Iran were not ready for him. They were accustomed to Emamzadeh, Mollah and Rowzeh. It means they still arent ready for his son Reza either. It means they need someone like Reza Khan or the current nezam to beat their ignorant asses into submission.


We dont have what it takes to have a mature democratic society. We dont even have what it takes to have a constitutionalist monarchy system like Japan/UK either. Iranians simply deserve what they already have: Zoor and chomagh. If 40 years of shit hasnt awakened people to reality, nothing will.  


As the saying goes:


The stupid mule will not obey unless the wet stick is used.