History often has trouble giving powerful women their due - Princess Ashraf Pahlavi certainly falls into this category. Her death on 7 January 2016 in Monte Carlo at the age of 96 did not spawn the usual publicity, controversy and myth that overshadowed her amazing life. We live in a world of vanishing icons and in their passing we are often drawn to the past - forensically sifting through the debris of time, piecing together the remains of an existence. Who was this woman? To understand her is to delve into an era that ended in 1979 when a nation in revolt led by a religious leader brought down the half-century old House of Pahlavi and buried 2,500 years of monarchy. Our story begins on the 26 October 1919.


                                                                       - Cyrus Kadivar

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Ashraf Pahlavi: Portrait of a Persian Princess by Cyrus Kadivar (Payvand)

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