The structure and history of Chahkouh gorge in  Qeshm island

Chahkouh Qeshm gorge has rocks and statues that have been created naturally and as a result of the passage of time and surprisingly based on the erosion of sedimentary rocks in the heart of the mountain. Historically, the Chahkoh Gorge is also known as the Holy Valley of Chahkoh; If you want to know the reason for this sanctity, we have to go back to the distant past, because the ancients considered the water of this valley very sacred and used it to cure their diseases. At the beginning, the well was wide and the height of its walls was high, because of this, there was little light inside the valley, and this caused its width to gradually decrease and it became difficult to pass through it. There are also shallow holes in the bottom of this valley, which is the storage place for running water. As you move from the north to the south, the valley becomes less wide and its slope increases, and at the end it turns into an English (V) shape and the path becomes very difficult to pass.

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