Hossein Ahmadi Nasab was born in Minab. He started theater and painting in the same city. For seven years, he was the city s theater and painting expert.

He staged the following plays: The fox and the Eagle, Where Fishes Turn to Ston, Four Chests, and the Stick Holders of Varazil, Dolls, Deplorable, Good Day Mr. Priest and a few others.

He migrated to Tehran in , (1979 A.D.),and directed the following plays: wheat Harvesting in the war season,Deplorable,The Strange Sorrow of Nostalgia, The Red Wind,Babur,The Bride, Love in the Time of cholera, In the Lion s skin, The Peral,Fairies,The Tale of Sarira,Childre of the Sun, and… He established the “art Studio “to train university level students in theater and painting >>> 

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