Ministry of Nomads: "Born in 1976 in Isfahan, Iran, Maryam Amini completed her BA degree at the Art University of Tehran. Amini’s works in a variety of mediums and media, ranging from the traditional paintings and sculpture to installation and performance pieces. What becomes immediately evident from Amini’s work is her bold and courageous standpoint in the act of illustrating the human body. Iranian art is known traditionally for its somewhat conservative nature, Amini’s work challenges those traditions, attempting to transcend taboos through her work. The central theme in Amini’s work is a search for life and animation in the regions of the body that are often considered off limits. The themes of Maryan Amini’s work vary greatly; through she is known to work with subjects such as childhood, nudity, gender, eroticism and death. At first the aesthetic appearance of Amini’s work suggests the artist is being playful with her subject type, though when looked at in further detail, controversial and conflicting messages and images come to the fore. Well known across the Middle East and Europe, Amini forms part of many important Middle Eastern art collections. Past exhibition venues include Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac (Paris), the Mall Galleries (London) and the Esfahan Museum of Contemporary Art (Iran)."

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