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Beatles: Let It Be............. Music Trivia: Knowing that Mother Mary is Paul's real mother who died when he was 14, and who came to him in a dream during a time of anxiousness and paranioa which he was going through a decade later.

YAZ: Situation

Late great Frank Zappa Nails it on Theocracy

Bill Maher: Islam vs Other Religions

That's the way it was...Iran - Hostages - American Embassy - Thames television

What if wild animals ate fast food!

John Lennon - "Woman is the nigger (slave) of the World". No pun intended! This is more so the case in Middle east and Islamic countries.

John lennon Talks - Visualization, reality, peace.

BBC Formula 1 Commentator Ordered To Change "Persian Gulf" to "Arabian Gulf" - I know we got bigger problems than this but the lack of respect from all sides is killing me inside. watch the 15 second clip.

Holy Sacred Brain Washing in Iran