After less than three months, my rugged shoes have virtually been destroyed. The soles on both feet have cracked open. Never had such poor quality shoes. I can't believe it's all because of walking up and down the hills of Cusco on stone sidewalks and alleys. 

I got paid today and the first thing I did after lunch was to buy new boots. I liked these, and the price was not too high -- for Cusco.

While I was trying them on and tying the laces, I remembered the first time I tied my shoes in front of my parents. They were coming back home from work at the oil company's general office in Abadan.

As they opened the back gate of our house, No 113 in Braim, I ran towards them, got down on one knee and started tying my shoe. I was so proud of myself for accomplishing such a complicated task all on my own! I must have been five or younger.

The visual memory of this monumental event has changed over the years. When I recall it now, it looks like a movie. It looks like I'm watching myself running towards my parents and tying my shoes.