So I upgraded to Windows 8.1 today. While upgrading it showed the terms of service and it had two options , accept and I do not accept which made me thinking:

1- Does anyone actually read the terms of service?!

2- Does anyone actually not accept ?
3- But then for most of us who don't read and click the accept buttons, what if it says that Microsoft employees have the right to borrow your car with a tank full of gas , whenever they take theirs to service? 

By the way , great news , the windows START button is back again, which means I no longer can procrastinate claiming that I don't know where to start ! 

If you have windows 8 and want to upgrade , go to the "windows store" and hopefully you don't have to pay for the upgrade just as I didn't, and remember to read the terms of "service" , because I am a little worried about my car!

ps: If you are a Mac user don't worry, they already own you !