By Michael Moore

What happens when a neo-fascist President and his thuggish Attorney General send armed federal agents and combat troops to one of the most progressive, politically active and creative American cities and then go on a rampage? And what if they do it again and again, in city after city? We're watching it take place right now in Portland, Oregon: Trump’s secret police, with no badges, no names, no identifications as to who they are or who they’re working for, blatantly ignoring the Constitution, instilling fear in the citizenry. But the citizens have fought back with shields, water bottles and... leaf blowers! To successfully blow back the tear gas at the Feds! A Wall of Moms, "dressed like they're going to Target,” putting their bodies on the line to protect the protestors. And a "Naked Athena", a woman sitting nude in the middle of the street, daring the storm troopers to take her on, then doing a yoga pose in a show of power and defiance against these confused, scared and heavily-armed little federal gunmen.

In the middle of it all have been the courageous new journalists, some of them teenagers, documenting this story for the rest of us and giving us a preview of what is coming to the rest of our cities. One of them, 17-year old Garrison Davis, joins Me on RUMBLE to discuss what the last 55 days and nights of resistance have been like, including the night he became the first to see and record an unmarked federal van snatching a citizen off the street. We talk about how Portland is clearly the dry run for what Trump and Barr are planning on doing all around the country in advance of the November election they so desperately wish they could make go away.

This RUMBLE episode today, “Donald Trump’s Police State, Part 1,” is the first of a series of our EMERGENCY PODCAST SYSTEM episodes from the battleground in Portland. Over the coming days I will bring you the voices from the streets in Portland. My podcast is free - you can find it on all podcast platforms, including Spotify, Apple, etc. Please listen and share. This is the moment we have feared — and it’s the moment we need to be strong and stand together. If you don’t nip this shit right in the bud...