Has there ever been a nation so hell bent on destroying its culture, language traditions, institutions and cultural heritage other than Iroonis?

A few years ago an Iranian studies American was giving a lecture in English on a subject long forgotten, kept using Persian till one very gheirati Irooni not unlike a lot of present Iroonis asked why he would not use the term Farsi, to which the speaker gave a strikingly insightful answer namely “Farsi is Political” giving a brief explanation why he avoided using it in English making a veiled reference to the Islamic regime’s insistence on eradicating the term Persian in English.

This is a regime that has attacked every aspect of Iranian-ness. It has left no stone unturned to make you forget who you are. It offered to rename the Persian Gulf in its mad pursuit of its ideology. It has changed every instance of Pars into Fars such as the infamous present day False News. So why do you insist on using the term Farsi in English?

It is amazing that it seems the most vociferous opponents of this regime who also insist on its use never stop to think how they are in fact furthering the regime’s agenda in subtle ways. But then the regime is very very good at that.   

Iroonis are lost in their muddled cultural stupor. The coming generations of hyphenated Iranians reading about Iran will not understand Persian and Fagoozi refer to the same thing.