It is said, because of national security concerns, Iran is one of the specially designated countries for visa ban by president Trump.

This short writ-up is not about the shortsightedness of Trump visa ban, it is also not about the welcoming of massive influx of Islamists to U.S. during the presidency of Obama, the Islamist appeaser-In-Chief.

Given visas are denied to deserving Iranians, many aging parents and grandparents just wanting to visit their loved ones in America for the last time before they die, all the while visas are issued to relatives of high profile Islamist fascists who are known terrorists, the question begs an answer, what gives?

When the son and wife of the murderous Islamist fascist terror master Saeed Imami are granted visa (picture above in California), when the son of infamous sister Mary, one of the hostage takers of American diplomats (video ↓) who is now “vice president” and an army of relatives of such criminals are granted visa and permanent residency, the question begs an answer, what gives?

Airtight sanctions, a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S. lawmakers get to it.