Golestan, our culture immersion school in Berkeley that focuses on Persian culture and language side by side of superb care and education for young Iranian-Americans, had a fundraising event last night to help its efforts to purchase the building where the school is located. Golestan parents, supporters, and members of the community gathered for a few hours of pure joy and good feelings around Iranian-American comedian Maz Jobrani, superb food, and good wine, to participate in an auction of art and entertainment items, services and hand-made toys, among other things.

Golestan and similar schools are where the future of our Iranian-American community in diaspora is shaped and where our future leaders, artists, and citizens are raised. It does make a difference that such schools exist and be supported to flourish and sustain themselves. Several decades after Iranians started their new lives in the US, the time has come for first and second generation Iranians to see the importance of raising and educating children who speak the language and understand the culture that is their heritage, helping them to have the best of the two worlds in their lives as Iranian-Americans. Help Golestan if you can. All gifts are tax-deductible and matched by 1:1 matching funds.


Photos by Alireza Naimi

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