wishing all my brothers and sisters a very happy Ramezan and July 4th.

In this holy month my prayers are with my brothers and sisters back in Iran who are suffering under the rule of that servant of russians, Ali khamenei and his malijak hassan rouhany. May my brothers and sisters back in Iran have their own 4th of july by overthrowing this evil dynasty of non_elsamic republic of ali khamenei through the use of latest and most modern weapons, arms and bullets, just as our american brothers did over 200 years ago by overthrowing the rule of the corrupt english monarch. May the courrupt ruler of Iraq, Maleki not be able to flee in time to moscow and get his ghesaas for ordering the killing of our martyred  Iranian brothers and sisters. May my brothers and sisters in camp liberty remain the thorns they are in the eyes of Ali khamenei and Hassan Rouhany, depriving them and their supporters in internet based cult of NIAC of good nightly sleep. May Allah almighty remove the fake muslems of ISIS of the map of earth. Above all, may my brother mir hosein mousavi be released from house arrest as soon as possible to travel to London and receive the necessary treatment for his hernia in a good london clinic.

Ensha Allah.