The persona of Avicenna (Abu Ali Sina) is to appear on screen worldwide later this year in the motion picutre "The Physician (Der Medicus)."  The story is based on a novel by Noah Gordon in which a young man travels from Christendom to Ispahan, Persia, to learn the state of the art in medical knowledge, unavailable in his native medieval England, from the master of his time, Avicenna, who is played by Ben Kingsley.  For purposes of expediency, the English man has to disguise himself as a Jew.  As the German director Philipp Stoelzl puts it in the following interview, the movie is a reminder that "the majority of our culture, as we enjoy it today, has its roots in the Orient: medicine, numbers, astronomy, etc."

A trailer of this movie is posted at the bottom.


Below are several biographies and discussions of Avicenna's life and work, followed by a couple of decades-old Persian-language historical dramas about him.  Here are short English and Persian biographies of him, respectively.

And this is a BBC Radio discussion about his contribution and historical significance.


The movie "AbuAli Ibn Sina" is a 1956 Soviet production, in which Avicenna fights for justice and tolerance, and against ignorance and book burning.  (I could not find this film in the IMDB database.)  The following version is in the Tajik dialect of Persian, and so are the writings that appear on screen towards the beginning of the film.  If you learn the pronunciation of the Tajik Cyrillic alphabet and you speak Persian, you should be able to read the on-screen scripts.  E.g., the script at the very beginning of the film recites this poem by Avicenna, and in subsequent scripts the studio location is specified as Tashkent, where the filming was done "on the occasion of the 1000th anniversary of AbuAli Ibn Sina's birth."  (And here is the Russian version of it.)


The TV series "BuAli Sina" is a 9-part Iranian production circa 1985, directed by Keyhan Rahgozar.


And here are a couple of trailers for "The Physician."



Keyhan Rahgozar also wrote and directed the 1987 "BuAli Sina" ...