"No evil shocks the mind like injustice"    A. Lincoln

George floyd triggered the old pattern of slaves and slave masters in American's history. The news hit the headline cross the country very quickly.  Every Tom, Dick, Harry jumped on streets against police officers who were trying to do their jobs according to "arresting procedure protocol". Name calling started and police officers were labled of "Racists", "murders"...etc. 

Street gangs started looting stores, shops, but jewelry stores were the main targets. 

On the other hand, Democrats didn't stay silent. They tried to manipulate the situation to promote their candidate Joe Biden for presidential race in month of November. Tim Walz, democrat governor of Minnesota was the first person who joined the protest. Democrats galvanized the heat of protests by letting the cities, states get burned, looted so they reach their political objectivity. Their primary objectivity was to demonstrate President Trump's incapability of managing the country, so his rating goes down in favor of their candidate Joe Biden. President Trump quickly became aware of the game democrats were playing. He warned the democrats governors and mayors to establish"an overwhelming law enforcement presense, until the protest have been quelled, and he also threaten to send in the US military to quickly solve the problem for them. 

Court decision for arresting police officers was also under immense pressure from outside court room. Primay decision was 3rd degree manslaughter, then under coersion, court changed the verdict to 2nd degree manslaughter. 

George floyd autopsy revealed that he was under influence of Methamphetamine substance abouse at the time of death. Street slang for Crystal Metaamphetamine is "Angel Dust" because people who uses this drug sooner or later die or they see their angels. It is strongest street drug after PCP.  George Floyd was also tested positive for Covid 19 on April 3, so he carried the virus at the time of death. He didn't use face mask and didn't have decency to inform police officers that he was tested positive for Covid 19. He also suffered from medical illness by the name of Arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease. It is thicking and harderning of walll arteries. it affects the coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart muscles, a shortage of oxygen delivered to the heart itself may lead to heart attack. Considering underlying medical condition and being under influence of substance abuse, his death could have been happened any time. 

George Floyd criminal history goes back to 2001 and 2002 when he was arrested for possession of Cocaine 2 times.  He served 1 year jail term each time in Houston county jail in Texas. 

In 2007, he broke into a woman's resident in the middle of the night with shotgun and robbed a pregnant woman at gunpoint. He was arrested later on charged with "Home invasion armed robbery". He served 5 years prison time from 2009 till 2014. 

During the arrest, he refused to enter police car, saying he was "Claustrophobic". Claustrophobia is a psychiatric terminology. It refers to people who has fear from closed and small areas such as small rooms, cars, elevators... etc. However, he was sitting in his car with 2 other people before police officers arrived. He didn't have any problem to be in the car, he just resisted the arrest and didn't want to enter the police car. Police officers were labeled as "Racist". In fact, one of the police officers , Tou Thao, is not white. He is an Asian descent (Mongoloid). He is also a  minority himself. 

Police officers performed their jobs according to training they received and practiced in police academy for months prior to put their uniforms on. They didn't break the rules. They didn't break the law. They followed "arresting guidline". They did what they supposed to do. They have unjustly being convicted and sentenced. They have only been in the wrong place at the wrong time. They were "Victims of circumstance". Officer Chauvin's wife filed for divorce, and other officers' families have been devastated. 

The underllying issue is U.S economy. American families are facing hardship after Covid 19 hit the nation. 30 million have filed for unemployment since the virus widespread or lockdown initiated. The unemployment rate is above 14%. This is the worst number since greatest depression in 1932. Once the economy booming again, the number of protesters will be decreased and America's life style goes back to normal.