Well for what it's worth I thought to write another belog about this website and point to some issues.  The issue that drove me to write this is mainly the "Top" of various things like blogs, links, photos, etc. 

I think the way this was first thought out to be was that once people give their thumbs up and down and the more they vote the more "Top" the content becomes and goes into the "Top" section and then actually it goes behind the front page which defeats the purpose and is sucks!  Mind you people don't even have to read the blog or what have you to vote thumbs up or down, they can just like or don't like the author and the content is automatically rated "Top"!

If I recall correctly when JJJ was thinking of a new website he thought readers would be the one who'd push a content to the front page and so on.  However, at the moment since there are not that many consistent readers this whole idea has become SUCKS to CANADA!

Yesterday I posted a Photo and it was on the front page for only 5 hours when someone came and posted another Photo and moved mine to the back.  BTW if ir.com becomes more popular and more people use it people are going to post right on top of each other by the hour and everything is just pushed to the back pages which doesn't seem right.

Anyway, that 5 hours was enough to send that page viral for whatever reason, so one would think that it'd benefit the readers who'd come in later that something that has gone viral would be available to them on the front page.  The page has about 1300 views so far and Omid jaan had a cartoon that had about 4,500 views which was never rated "Top"!

So this "Top" option is not really doing anything and no one checks it anyway.  The top stuff are from a month ago.  JJJ promised Omid that he'd add a "Most Viewed" section but nothing yet.  Perhaps some space can be saved on the front page by deleting that stupid survey graph area which was promised to be removed or done something with it.

Perhaps there can be thumbnails of stuff in various sections like it is now in the back pages but smaller.  I was going to write some more but maybe later in the comments section, adjusting this "Top" thing is good enough.

I like that each person/computer gets one "view" no matter how many times each person comes back to leave comments.  I think this is a much better representative of how many people actually read something that just the number of times each page is refreshed.

Photo caption:  children selling tea in Ardebil