It was April 1971, a group of gun men attacked the vehicle which was about to leave it's residence in northern Tehran. Gunmen started shooting randomly. The driver got out of the car as he was stumbling to survive, he was bleeding to death. He was pronounced death in local hospital after 2 days. He was one of late shah generals. His name was General Farsio. 
The group claimed to be Marxist Leninist belonged to the organization by the name of Fadaeyan, following Mao's guerrilla warfare movement.  
It was March of 1975 when a group of gun men attacked the vehicle of the guy who was entering Parcham street in Tehran and started shooting the vehicle. The driver pronounced dead at the scene and the gunmen stormed away. The dead man was infamous as " A man with one thousand faces". His name was Abbad Shahryari. He was undercover shah select police (SAVAK) who skillfully influenced  inside communist network and betrayed many of them. The assassins belong to Fadaeyan organization and claimed to be maoism and pro Mao style of guerrilla movement.   
It was Feb. 1976, in a cold snowy morning , 2 gunmen on motor bike exited from Kateb poor Blvd into the ally and started shooting at the guy who was about to leave his residence. The guy felt on the ground while he was bleeding. He was pronounced dead at the scene. His name was Hussain Nahidi,  chief interrogator of shah secret police (SAVAK) in the city of Mashhad. The gunmen claimed to be Maoist and following Mao's style of guerrilla's warfare.  
Who was Mao ? What was his connection with these assassinations in Iran ? The destructive idea of Mao was not  limited to Iran. His destructive idea widespread universally.  Che Guevara from Argentina (1960's)  Ho Chi Minh from Vietnam(1960's) , Enver Hoxha from Albania (1960, 1970's) and finally pol pot from Cambodia (1970's)  were all deeply influenced by Mao's idea. Che Guevara frequent expression was " the goal justify it's mean" sounded more Machiavelli world view than Mao, but he chose Mao's model of guerrilla warfare. 
       Mao died in 1976, but we still see groups of Iranian who raise the Mao's flag in recent demonstrations in Stockholm, Sweden, and  other European cities  or in America. They put a logo of "Expired" on both pictures of President Trump and Puttin and admire Mao as a "true Marxist Leninist". Was really Mao a "True Marxist Leninist" is the matter of discussion in upcoming blogs.