French people believe the write ups of Eighteen century writers Jean Jaques Rousseau Montesquieu and  Voltaire caused French revolution. Accordingly, the write up Ali Shariati, Alex Haley, and Frantz Fanon caused the Islamic revolution in Iran. 
Ali Shariati was a mullah with suit and tie who managed to acquire scholarship from late shah's government and study at Sorbon university in Paris, France. In France, he became aquatinted with Frantz Fanon and other black writers who hated white skin European because of their history of slavery and colonization. 
In 1959, Shariati was arrested in Paris during demonstration in support of Patrice Lumumba. Patrice Lumumba was from Congo. He was another black activist who hated white skin Europeans because Congo colonization by white Europeans and Belgium specifically. Shariati translated the write ups of Frantz Fanon into Farsi.  Those write ups were full of hatred language targeted white skin Europeans. Those write ups circulated among revolutionaries and  our intellectuals.
         In late 70's, The book of Alex Haley also became best selling book in publication industry. Again, the book portrait African Blacks as "Angeles" and shows the white skin Europeans as devil. The book provoked Iranians against Europeans and Christian faith. Therefore, it was not coincident criminal mullahs took American hostages when they gained victory.  It is not also coincident they let the black hostages go and kept the white ones. It is not coincident the nightclub in Bali targeted by terrorist bomb explosion in 2002. It was mainly populated by white skin Europeans. The most important aspect of the Shariati, Alex Haley books is combination of radical Islam with having dark skin. it's message was crystal clear. 
A. To hate White skin Europeans.
B. To promote radical Islamic ideology.
In the book "Roots" all the African blacks pray in Islamic fashion and continuously praise ALLAH, NOT God. The movie of the book "Roots"  made in America and became T.V serial in early 1980's.  Funny part is that  O.J. Simpson,  who committed double murder by killing  his white wife and her acquaintance, portraited as a good guy 
Unfortunately, our intellectuals were NOT aware or were not able to see negative side of those books which was pushing our country toward dust bin. After so many years,  we still see the quote from Frantz Fanon on this site. Such a retarded quote is unacceptable. Books of Fanon and his buddy Shariati played major role in destruction of Iran. That kind of mindset keep criminal mullahs on power longer.  It seems we have to educate our educated people first. 
Here is footage of the movie "Roots", which was the best selling book in Iranian market. Please look at minutes  2.82 , 3.08 , 4.27 who uses Islamic versus,  minute 5.48 said la illah ilalah in Arabic , means there is no God except Allah. Also, minutes 5.27 The black guy do Sujdeh. which is touching ground and kissing soul with his face. They also said how bad and devil were white Europeans with Christian faith.